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Ready to Exchange? Answer These Two Questions:

Does my property qualify for exchange?

What type of exchange makes the most sense for my situation?

Blueprint For A Successful Forward Exchange

By understanding these seven characteristics, a taxpayer will be well on the way to completing a successful forward 1031 exchange.

Seven characteristics of a successful forward 1031 exchange.

1031 Exchange Terminology

Exchange Funds: Questions

Where will your exchange funds be held?

Will your exchange funds be safe?

How can exchange funds be used?

What happens if I decide not to acquire the property after the QI wires the earnest money to an escrow agent? 

If the exchange fails, how do I get my money?

Tax Deferral

Maximum Capital Gain Tax Deferral Using A 1031 Exchange
Partial Capital Gain Tax Deferral Benefit Using a 1031

Exchange Deadlines

People learning about exchanges often are confused about the deadlines they must adhere to. However, there are only two deadlines to be aware of, and both timelines start on the same day.

Identifying Replacement Property In A Forward Exchange

You can buy as many replacement properties as you need to in order to maximize the 1031 tax deferral.  However, we suggest that clients do not identify more than three possible replacement properties, although you can identify as many as you wish.  Click here to learn more.

Property Ownership Requirements / Partnerships

In a successful 1031 exchange, the taxpayer who sells the relinquished property must be the same taxpayer who acquires the relinquished property. This is often referred to as the “Same Taxpayer Requirement.

Many taxpayers may own property through partnerships in which individual partners may or may not desire to perform an exchange when selling the property. This structure often creates difficulty for the partners and hinders the exchange process. Luckily, there are structuring options for these partners that will allow them to successfully complete a tax-deferred exchange. SEA 1031 can assist a taxpayer with identifying them.

Primary Residences, Second Homes & Vacation Homes

What about personal residences?

What about second homes and vacation homes?

Security & Transparency

Protecting our clients’ exchange funds is our highest priority. SEA1031 is a bonded and insured fiduciary and an industry leader in clients’ funds security and exchange account transparency. Whereas other qualified intermediaries offer few banking options for client exchange fund deposits, SEA1031 has banking relationships with national, regional and community banks.

FDIC-Insured Accounts

Dual Verification of Third-Party Wires

Segregated Accounts

Qualified Trust Accounts

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